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N2Xpress is a one stop solution for all your money transfer needs. This platform offers you the cheapest and instant money transfer facility. Along with currency conversion, we also give you a bank beating security on every transaction. Choose us as your only money transfer option.Meet your personal and professional needs in just a few clicks.

Send money from Canada to Philippines

n2xpress - Money Transfer - Canadian Dollar
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Send money across borders, the easy way
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
Benefits of sending money from Canada to Philippines through N2XPress
Remit money to Philippines to any bank
Transfer money to Philippines directly to bank accounts easy and instant with N2Xpress. Pay bills, meet utilities, EMI's, loans etc at the best exchange rates and lowest transfer fees. Fulfil the demand overseas instantly withN2Xpress instant money transfer service.
Convenient sending options
Use multiple sending options and bring convenience to your fingertips. Just select the option for your remittance and your money is transferred conveniently.
Keep more money with low transfer fees
Nominal transfer fees help you save more on transfers so you can do more with money. Pay 1% transfer fees while remitting overseas. We source competitive fees.
Instant transfers globally
Everyone overseas looks for an instant and cheap option for money transfer. Through N2Xpress, money is sent instantly and transferred to the recipient's account.
Unbeatable exchange rates
Without hidden fees or charges, send money all over the world instantly. Transfer money overseas or to India with an unbeatable exchange rate and small transfer fees. Select N2Xpress for a fair deal in exchange and remittance to Philippines.
Strong customer support system
Our customer care executives are available 24/7 to give you support. Your doubts and queries are settled the same day by our executives through the mail.
Simple and secure
Great rates, nominal transfer fees, excellent support, however you transfer. We are regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Through our secure and straightforward method, make your money transfer life hassle-free.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
Steps to send money to the Philippines online
1. Create your free account
Register online and enter your personal details for ID verification. Make sure what you enter matches exactly with your identification documents.
2. Choose method
Select the currency, country, person and amount. We’ll show you the exchange rate and total fees upfront for hassle free transfer to the recipient's account.
3. Input receiver details
Tell us the details of the person receiving the money. Make sure it matches their identification documents exactly. Don't worry about all the information you enter as we keep every detail confidential.
4. Confirm and send
Double-check everything is correct and send your money to the Philippines. That's it. We'll take care of the rest and tell you when it has arrived. Through email or text, we will notify you.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
We specialise in sending money from Canada to the most popular markets including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, West Africa, Philippines, South African Rand and India with more to come.
n2xpress - Money Transfer - Nigerian Naira
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
How N2Xpress helps in three ways
Gives options to remittance users to send money to West Africa to their loved ones, friends and family the best way.
Businesses can make international payment and global transfer more profitable and easier through N2Xpress.
Reach highly valuable remittance audiences easily through marketplaces created by money transfer providers like N2Xpress.

How to get the most out of your remittance to Philippines

Compare cost and fees against convenience, learn how to do money transfer cheaply at your convenience to meet the needs of your loved ones in the Philippines.
  • Exchange rate
The CAD-PHP relation often fluctuates so try to choose a money transfer, which helps you save money by locking in exchange prices.
  • Transfer fees
It's obvious transferring overseas requires fees. But this might be hidden in exchange rates when a service promotes zero transfer fees. Compare fees and try to figure out the best and fair option to save more.
  • Transfer limits
Every company has a limit of the transfer. How much you can send from a company varies. Different amounts have higher and lower fees. Shop around to meet the needs by choosing wisely.
  • Turn around
A local bank can take weeks or longer to transfer money overseas. Seek out a digital remittance specialist that offers instant money transfer just like N2Xpress.
  • Transfer methods
Narrow down a company that matches your preferred delivery criteria. Send money to Philippines through the cheapest and fastest method, which keeps your life hassle-free.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
Send money to Philippines

Money transfers to the Philippines is not new. Remittances have existed for a long time, but with technological advancement and mobile phones, the experience has become a lot faster and affordable. 

In many developing countries, international remittances are a major source of income for people. According to records Philippines comes under the largest remittance recipient country. Stop paying high fees and get more from international money transfer  to the Philippines. Figures show Canada stands in the fourth position as the largest sender of remittances around the world after the USA, UK and UAE.

N2Xpress has simplified the transfer process through instant online money transfers. We believe unpleasant surprises are not good for both of us so we keep everything 100% transparent. We guarantee you the best compared exchange rate and nominal fees. You can now send money from Canada to the Philippines using a variety of methods including card, cheques, bank transfers and mobile airtime top-ups.

The choice is up to you, but we'll make sure it's fast, convenient and secure. We always show you the CAD to PHP exchange rates and low fees upfront, without hidden charges. Ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an overseas money transfer?

An overseas money transfer is sending money abroad from the resident country to any overseas country. You can send money to recipients to meet your urgent business or personal needs. It serves various purposes like medical treatment abroad, maintenance of close relatives, private visits, paying bills, etc. A fast way to transfer money to your loved ones at affordable rates when needed most using N2Xpress.

How does N2Xpress work?

N2Xpress is a digital money transfer platform which is on a mission to provide transfer service fast, affordable and transparent. As we are a digital service provider so without physical location, we keep our cost low and help you save more.

Is it safe to send money online through N2Xpress?

Yes, of course, at N2Xpress due care is taken and precaution is exercised to maintain high-level security. We use a compliance process and highest security while transferring. It is as good as sending money from the bank branch. It involves much faster and safety measures and sends real-time updates via email. Please verify your and recipient account details and follow all regular precautions for operating your account, including never share passwords or OTP with anyone.

What is N2Xpress, and how to transfer money to Philippines?

N2Xpress is an online money transfer platform which enables you to send money from Canada to anywhere in Philippines. All you have to do is register on and create a free account. Submit simple verification and remit online in beneficiary accounts through a few taps.

What is the transfer fee structure on every transaction?

To send money in CAD to PHP, pay a flat fee and see the total cost upfront. Here we share minimum flat fees and complete fee structure to meet your requirements and fair transaction.
Fee structure on different amount

$1000             - $5
$1001-$1999          - $5
$2000-$2999       - $15

Best online platform to transfer money from Canada to Philippines?

Key points to keep in mind while you transfer CAD to PHP.

  • Good exchange rate
  • Low transfer fee
  • Fastest money transfer
  • Multiple options for transfer
  • Secure and guaranteed money transfer

Transfer to Philippines at the best price available. Adopt a number of sending options and meet the basic requirements of your loved ones living overseas.

Is there a minimum or maximum transfer amount?

There is a limit on the maximum transfer amount. And the limit is CAD $2999 per transaction. We believe we offer; the most cost-effective solution in the market to individuals and businesses. We try to help every customer worldwide and provide them with a fairer and cheaper deal on money transfers.

What is the best rate available at N2xpress?

N2Xpress offers the best deal to transfer money overseas. Transfer from Canada to Philippines at a highly competitive rate. Check our daily updated exchange rates on our currency calculator.

How much time does it take to complete a transfer?

Transfer mostly depends on:

  • Public holidays or weekends
  • Countries you send from
  • Security checks
  • Payment Methods

N2Xpress gives you the cheapest and fastest money transfer option, where through simple steps you can reach to your relatives or family members and meet their needs instantly.

What is the mandatory information that a remitter needs to provide?

While doing international money transfer, remitters need to provide correct information. The information name and date of birth should be the same as on verification documents. The documents you need to present are voter ID/Passport/driving license, and out of these, it is mandatory to present two documents.

Who can use N2Xpress money transfer platform?

N2Xpress is made for businesses and individuals to transfer anywhere, anytime, globally. Those who have currency exposures can use and avail the benefits of N2Xpress. Now money transfer is made so easy that you don't have to rely on others! Just the few taps on your phone or laptop and your transfer is successful.