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Send money across borders, the easy way

Remit instant and cheap- no hidden fees

  • Transfer money to friends and family from Canada instantly across the globe.
  • Remit money from Canada in 6+ currencies at a flat fee of less than 1% and bank-beating exchange rate. Every transaction you make is fair and transparent with no hidden charges.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
Money transfer service for hard-working people
- Transfer money instantly or fast in few minutes to 6+ countries from Canada
- 24/7 service without delays
- Verify your account and set up transaction in a few minutes
- Highly competitive exchange rates
- Nominal transfer fees on every transaction
- No hidden charges
- Save up to 90% more than traditional transfer thus we say “Save more, Do More”
- Regulated by the financial transaction and report analysis centre of Canada (FINTRAC).
- Compliance standard for top security of data and transaction
- Anti fraud and encryption technology
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
Send more from Canada to
We specialise in sending money from Canada to the most popular markets including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, West Africa, Philippines, South African Rand and India with more to come.
n2xpress - Money Transfer - Nigerian Naira
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
How to Remit money abroad using currency converter
1. Create your free account
Register online and enter your personal details for ID verification. Make sure what you enter matches exactly with your identification documents.
2. Choose method
Select the currency, country, person and amount. We’ll show you the exchange rate and total fees upfront for hassle free transfer to the recipient's account.
3. Input receiver details
Tell us the details of the person receiving the money. Make sure it matches their identification documents exactly. Don't worry about all the information you enter as we keep every detail confidential.
4. Confirm and send
Double check everything is correct and send your money . That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest and tell you when it has arrived. Through email or text we will notify you.
Frequently Asked Questions

How to send money from one country to another?

N2Xpress is easy and super fast! Just a few simple steps and send money from one country to another hassle free. Verify and enter your details as per the identification proof provided by you. Cross check all details and confirm payment.

Can I send money using debit or credit card?

Yes, you can send money from one country to another using a debit /credit card. Enjoy the benefit of instant money transfer using this service.

How does N2Xpress protect your money?

When you send money with N2Xpress you can stay tension free and confident about your payments. Your money, bank details, and other data are kept safe through compliance security. FINTRAC regulates us, and thus we ensure complete safety of all the data shared by you.

How long will it take to send money?

Sending money through N2Xpress depends on currency and countries where you are transferring. It is an instant money transfer service, but sometimes verification can take a few hours.

How to check exchange rates on N2Xpress?

Keep yourself updated with our bank beating exchange rates. Check currency exchange rates on our currency converter calculator. Grab the best deal before it's gone.