Convert CAD to INR at the best exchange rate

Sending money abroad isn’t always easy. There are many different online platforms and offline shops available, all with different rates and delivery speeds. 

But with N2Xpress you can always count on instant money transfers to India at the best possible rate. Convert CAD to INR and transfer money to friends and family within seconds. Whether it’s to a relative in Delhi or a business in Bangalore, N2Xpress meets your all needs for sending money fast, securely and at the best exchange rates.

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Send money across borders, the easy way
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
How the currency converter CAD-INR benefits you
Calculate exchange rates daily
Get the most out of your money transfer by checking out the best exchange rate available to you. To send money to India, all you have to do is check the currency converter calculator on our website, select the highly competitive rate, and grab the best money transfer deal.
Multiple transfer options
Sending money through multiple options is an advantage in itself. Just imagine you have several options to choose from, and you never fail to meet the deadline. Switch to N2Xpress and use money sending and receiving options and never miss pleasing your loved ones. Get the best exchange rate and on-time transfer at your fingertips.
Lower transfer fees
When it comes to money transfers, everyone expects to transfer at affordable rates. N2Xpress has revolutionised the money transfer industry with its unique features - you always get the best rates available.
Instant money transfer
Today’s world demands instant money transfers and a hassle-free life. Sending money should be possible with a few simple taps, and that’s exactly what we’ve built for you. N2Xpress can transfer money to India in just a couple of steps. In the blink of an eye, your transaction is processed.
Competitive exchange rates
The best exchange rates are sourced from every possible place by N2Xpress. Thorough comparison is done and then rates are decided and displayed through an exchange calculator. We add value to simple thighs and bring smiles on the face of your loved ones.
Strong customer support
Email us your queries and we will help you out immediately to make sure everything is clear. Our team will get back to your queries and email you with a satisfactory reply the same day.
Secure and safe
Safety and security are our primary focus. Check our business rating and explore our FAQs to learn more about our security features. We follow the compliance process for high security of your data and transaction as we believe your trust in our money transfer business matters a lot.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
How to exchange CAD to INR currency using N2Xpress
1. Create your free account
Register online and enter your personal details for ID verification. Make sure what you enter matches exactly with your identification documents.
2. Choose method
Select the currency, country, person and amount. We’ll show you the exchange rate and total fees upfront for hassle free transfer to the recipient's account.
3. Input receiver details
Tell us the details of the person receiving the money. Make sure it matches their identification documents exactly. Don't worry about all the information you enter as we keep every detail confidential.
4. Confirm and send
Double check everything is correct and send your money to India. That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest and tell you when it has arrived. Through email or text we will notify you.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
We specialise in sending money from Canada to the most popular markets including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, West Africa, Philippines, South African Rand and India with more to come.
n2xpress - Money Transfer - Nigerian Naira

Currency converter made easy with N2Xpress

Check the daily currency exchange rates for CAD to INR on the N2Xpress website and transfer money immediately using the best rate available. In the last few years, things have changed a lot in the money transfer industry and overall it is now  easier and more convenient for senders and receivers. 

N2Xpress works hard on providing world class transfer facilities to remitters overseas. Affordable transfer fees, instant transfer,and  best exchange rates is what we concentrate on. Remitters transfer money to India from Canada at lowest transfer fees available of 1%. Yes, that’s how affordable our service is.

Compared to other money transfer services, our rate and speed are the best. Make your loved ones happy with our instant money transfer service and by benefiting recipients with more money received on each transfer. It has made the life of remitters easy and our exchange rate calculator is amazing as it keeps you updated with the best current rates in the market today.

n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
How N2Xpress helps different users
It provides options to remittance users to send money to India and meet the demands of their loved ones, friends, and family in the best way possible.
Advancement in technology brings lots of benefits, it makes it easier to pay businesses and do global transfer to meet the demands fast.
Reach a highly valuable remittance audience easily through marketplaces created by money transfer providers like N2Xpress
Frequently Asked Questions

Why are international money transfers important?

In the fast technology world everything is growing at a very fast speed and so is the demand for instant money transfers. There is a huge transformation in the remittance industry and international money transfer businesses. With the world getting smaller and faster, the demand for hassle free technology is also on the rise. Remitters want affordable rates and low transfer fees to send love and funds to their loved ones. To meet different purposes urgently, it has become important for remitters to switch to instant money transfer platforms like N2Xpress.

Which currencies are supported by N2Xpress? And in which countries money transfer service is available?

N2Xpress is currently serving India, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. You can transfer money from Canada instantly and at affordable rates. Currencies we deal in are CAD, INR, KES, NGN, GHS, XOF, ZAR and PHP and soon we will introduce more. Sending money has now become easy and instant.

How does N2Xpress work?

N2Xpress is a digital remittance platform which works on the concept of “Save More & Do More”. We are making it easier to send money globally and provide a world class service that is hassle free. We save remitters money by providing competitive exchange rate and transfer fees.

Is N2Xpress the safest way to send money overseas?

Remitters look for safe options to transfer money overseas. It is important to ensure safety first and to keep information of both the remitter and recipient safe and secure. Check data entered twice and select the transfer option. Stay safe and alert of fraud - in case you receive anything irrelevant related to our service, mail us with details and we will look into it.

How do I check transfer fees on digital remittances to India?

Send money in CAD to INR with a flat fee on different amounts and transactions. N2Xpress shows total cost upfront and so there are no hidden charges or cost. Before transacting, check our minimum transfer fee on every transaction. Maximum limit per transaction is $2999.
Transfer fee structure

$1000             - $5
$1001-$1999          - $5
$2000-$2999       - $15

What should I look for in the best money transfer from Canada to India?

When you want to transfer money from Canada to India , then focus on these key points.

  • Good exchange rate
  • Low transfer fee
  • Fastest money transfer
  • Multiple options for transfer
  • Secure and guaranteed money transfer

When you are looking to transfer Canadian Dollar (CAD) to Indian rupees (INR) you should keep a few things in mind. There are a number of options available but it’s your call to choose the best online remittance platform with the best currency converter exchange rates.

How do I convert Canadian dollars to Indian rupees?

Follow the simple steps listed on N2Xpress to analyse currency exchange rates. The first step is inputting your amount in the currency converter box that you want to convert. Choose the currencies or click on the dropdown to select the listed currency and select the second dropdown as the currency you want to convert. Through our currency converter you can check the instant exchange rate available today. Convert your Canadian dollars to INR with our conversion calculator .

How do I compare prices for sending money abroad?

Send money from Canada to India via the N2Xpress money transfer website. Now you can check live exchange rates and changes in exchange rate daily through our currency converter calculator for CAD to INR.

How much time does it take to transfer overseas?

Money transfer speeds mostly depend on different factors:

  • Public holidays or weekends
  • Countries you send from
  • Security checks
  • Payment Methods

Through N2Xpress, you can meet the demands of your loved ones overseas with daily updates from currency converter check exchange rates of CAD to INR.

Learn about the fastest and cheapest money transfer options online from Canada to India.

The fastest and cheapest option for money transfers is the most preferred method by remitters. Meet the needs of loved ones digitally and transfer money overseas at affordable rates. N2Xpress helps you do exactly that by providing the cheapest and fastest option of money transfer.