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Worried about your little sister’s college fees in Nairobi or your relative in Mombasa.
Meet the need of money transfer fast and cheap online through N2Xpress. We believe in your safety and convenience. So we ensure safe and fast transactions online through our bank beating security standards and exchange rates.

Send money from Canada to Kenya

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Send money across borders, the easy way
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
Benefits of sending money from Canada to Kenya through N2XPress
Online money transfer to any bank in Kenya
Send money to Kenya at the lowest transfer fees. Now transfer anywhere in Kenya directly in bank account and meet personal and professional needs with N2Xpress. Instant and direct transfer in banks make us the best money transfer service provider. Pay your EMI, bills, loans etc through our instant money transfer system.
Varied sending options
N2Xpress gives you varied sending options and thus makes it very convenient for both sender and receiver to pay and get paid instantly and easily. There are various options available with N2Xpress like debit card/ credit card, mobile airtime, wallet and bank transfer.
Low transfer fees
Minimum fees and best exchange rates is what makes remitters choose the best online money transfer platform. N2Xpress is one choice among others as we carefully compare and give you the best money transfer service at nominal fees.
Save pay time give hassle free transfer experience
Save your precious time by avoiding going to banks and switch to online money transfer service. Follow simple steps and enter data for verification and in less than 20 minutes you are all set to transfer anywhere in Kenya.
Great rates and exceptional service
N2Xpress works really hard to provide you with the best money transfer service. Our currency calculator helps you to check and compare best rates and gives you transfer rate alerts so that you don't miss out on the best rates.
customer support system
Customer care support is very important and especially when you are dealing in hard-earned money. Our executives are available 24*7 to help you and guide you.
N2Xpress security
We follow compliance processes and standards to maintain full security of your data and payment. Using the high security, we ensure safe remittance of your payments.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
Steps to send money to Kenya online
1. Create your free account
Register online and enter your personal details for ID verification. Make sure what you enter matches exactly with your identification documents.
2. Choose method
Select the currency, country, person and amount. We’ll show you the exchange rate and total fees upfront for hassle free transfer to the recipient's account.
3. Input receiver details
Tell us the details of the person receiving the money. Make sure it matches their identification documents exactly. Don't worry about all the information you enter as we keep every detail confidential.
4. Confirm and send
Double check everything is correct and send your money to Kenya. That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest and tell you when it has arrived. Through email or text we will notify you.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
We specialise in sending money from Canada to the most popular markets including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, West Africa, Philippines, South African Rand and India with more to come.
n2xpress - Money Transfer - Nigerian Naira
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
How N2Xpress helps different users
N2Xpress gives options to remittance users to send money to Kenya to their loved ones, friends and family in the best way.
Pay businesses and do global transfer and meet demand fast using N2Xpress. Make global transfer more profitable and easier and meet the business needs at your convenience.
Reach a highly valuable remittance audience easily through marketplaces created by money transfer providers like N2Xpress

Where is the world moving with N2Xpress online money transfer service?

Make connections and move money and save more on every transaction. With the fast moving world and technology it's time to give importance to instant money transfer platforms. Now recipients will get paid wherever in the world they are. Choosing N2Xpress is the best solution of online money transfer from Canada to Kenya. Transfer fee cost 1% and competitive exchange rate just makes money transfer more attractive. Send money smartly to Kenya using N2Xpress.
n2xpress - Send money across borders, the easy way.
Send money to Kenya

Money transfers to Kenya is not new. Remittances have existed for a long time but with technological advancement and mobile phones, the experience has become a lot faster and affordable. 

According to World Bank data, Kenya is in the list of the largest receivers of remittances. In 2018, a total of $2.8 billion migrant remittance flow to Kenya. From this you can estimate what is remittance growth and it will continue to be on this track in coming years. Also Canada stands in the fourth position as the largest sender of remittances around the world after the USA, UK and UAE.

N2Xpress has simplified the transfer process through instant online money transfers. You can now send money from Canada to Kenya using a variety of methods including card, cheques, bank transfers and mobile airtime top ups.

The choice is up to you, but we’ll make sure it’s fast, convenient and secure. We always show you the CAD to KES exchange rates and low fees upfront, without hidden charges. Ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online money transfer?

An online money transfer is sending money abroad from the resident country. It helps to send money overseas and to meet urgent business or personal needs. Meet the needs of your loved ones like medical treatment abroad, maintenance of close relatives, private visits, paying bills, etc easily and instantly. Through N2Xpress online money transfer send money anywhere in Kenya.

How do I set up a transfer with N2Xpress?

N2Xpress is a digital transfer platform where you can set up transfer in 4 simple steps.  We are on a mission to provide world class transfer facilities at affordable rates and transparent transactions. Send money from CAD-KES.

What is the fastest way of online money transfer?

Send and receive money instantly through N2Xpress! The total transfer process takes 20 mins to 2 hours. Delivery time may vary depending on time and method of transfer and whether the recipient's bank is as fast as N2Xpress. We always keep you notified about the entire process. It's time for instant online money transfer.

How safe it is to send money online through N2Xpress?

To maintain high-level security, due care is taken and precautions are exercised. Compliance processes and high level of security is used by N2Xpress. Get bank beating security at a much cheaper and affordable rate. On every transaction you receive email. Verify you and your recipients account details and follow all precautions while operating the account. Do follow regular measures of transferring online to stay safe and protected from fraud.

What are the remittance charges to Nigeria?

Pay a flat fee on different transactions and send money to CAD-KES. No hidden fees or big fees as we believe in fair transactions. The maximum amount you can send through N2Xpress is $2999.
Fee structure on different amount

$1000             - $5
$1001-$1999          - $5
$2000-$2999       - $15

What are the criteria to check before transferring through online money transfer?

There are few key points to keep in mind before transferring Canadian dollars to Shilling.

  • Good exchange rate
  • Low transfer fee
  • Fastest money transfer
  • Multiple options for transfer
  • Secure and guaranteed money transfer

Choose N2Xpress for the best online money transfer service. We consider every point and make sure your transaction is safe, easy, instant and cheap with us.

What is N2Xpress customer service information and service hours?

Send mail at
We work 24/7 to support you and to answer your queries. You can email us anytime and expect a satisfactory answer the same day.

What is the current best rate to transfer CAD and KES?

If you are looking to transfer to Kenya, then N2Xpress offer best deal. Transfer Canadian dollar to Shilling at an excellent conversion rate. Check our currency conversion calculator to keep yourself updated regarding exchange rates.

Money transfer time depends upon what criteria?

It mostly depends on:

  • Public holidays or weekends
  • Countries you send from
  • Security checks
  • Payment Methods

We make sure your transaction is not affected by any other errors except for universal one. We give you an instant online money transfer platform to meet your needs fast.

What are multiple sending methods used by N2Xpress?

Multiple sending options helps remitters and recipients to transfer and receive money hassle free and instantly. N2Xpress gives you good transfer options such as debit card, credit card and for recipients it is a bank account, mobile airtime, bill payment or mobile wallet.

Why should I use N2Xpress instead of any other bank transfers or sites?

We believe in what we offer. True to our core founding principle, we offer money transfer solutions with these three reasons

  • 100% transparency
  • Easy access
  • Customer choice

N2Xpree let customers choose the best on their own by its fair and transparent funding policy and affordable rates.