Benefits of sending money from USA to Nigeria using N2Xpress

January 5, 2021

USA is the largest remittance pioneer where a number of migrants are looking for a fantabulous economic chance. Millions of global migrants work under the USA's sky and send money to their loved ones; World bank's 2018 report on “USA immigrants” reported 4.7 international migrants working in the USA. The incredible growth of migrants leads the ratio to swell around 13.1 million non-native citizens in 2019.

Nigeria is a developing country whose migrants in the USA are highly educated and full of business ambitiousness. 2016's American Community Survey reported around 380,787 Nigerians. Which has been swelled to a million; the remittances are speedily whizzing from the USA to Nigeria. Nigeria received approximately $23.80 billion in 2019, according to the World Bank. Nigeria is the second most popular remittance receiver from the USA. But, what is the reason for this robust remittance transfer to the USA?

The economic growth of Nigeria is comparatively low as the developed countries. Furthermore, the rise of oil prices diverted the Nigerians towards the USA to solve their financial crises resulting from the outbreak of Covid-19. The USA has opened the doors for developing countries that are relentlessly struggling to maintain the economic framework. The contrasting economic growth of this modern technological era has tied these two countries for a better future!

Over time, the USA has manifested incredible technological progress. This has upgraded the USA's foreign affairs to the next level! E-commerce, international banking, all the business tycoons, and leading entrepreneurs are rising from the USA! But, transferring remittances was never an easy task in the USA. 

Traditional transactions are unable to cope with this outbreak of a pandemic. So we need to look forward to the other smart solution! 

The customers are probably tired of low-remittance services but higher remittance fees! But this is not the end! The solution to your transactional problems from the USA to Nigeria is right here!

Eliminating the obstacle to faster transactions!

Do not get offended by the low remittance services for which you have to wait hours and hours for one single transaction. N2Xpress understands your prioritizations and to overcome your transaction obstacles, we offer you 24-hour services at your doorstep!

N2Xpress is here with a bundle of services.          

  • Incredibly secure

With the rapid increase of speedy transactions, the remittance companies are manifesting cyber-attacks. The customers face dreadful financial crises and are left empty-handed!

To manage this immediate rush of digital transactions, several N2Xpress came forward to tackle global traffic. The N2Xpress experts are working diligently to provide convenient and economical transaction solutions.

  • Highly economical

The relentlessly rising dollar is ruling the entire globe! International bank owners and entrepreneurs are reserving the American dollar. The USD dollar after 1986, have been witnessed at its peak in 2020. 

In addition to the position of the American dollar, the companies demand high resource fees. The amount of cash you are willing to transfer for your family's happiness, is sadly reduced.

N2Xpress is cares about your family. Now, you can send your transactions without paying monstrous taxes and resource fees. Your family will receive an incredible amount.

  • Potentiality to accept more than 100 currencies

Suppose you are willing to send money to Nigeria, India, Mexico, or any other country once. In that case, you need to approach the three different companies offering you services as per your requirement. This sounds hectic and time taking. So, how about cherishing one platform from where you can hit any country.

You can hit more than 100 different currencies. Your wandering from one banker to another has been terminated right here.

With N2Xpress, you can send money to Nigeria along with many other countries at once.

  • Transacting money faster than ever

The USA, which is powered by its economy, is triggering money to the entire globe. The bankers have utilized the technology to boost their international and national transactions. The highest money transaction is conducted in America. Around 256.0m users are conducting money transactions, which is predicted to raise the transaction value to around US$910,396m at the end of 2020.

Over time, the traditional bank transactions transformed into the digital network for boosting the transaction speed. The bank transactions have been replaced rapidly by mobile transactions in America, specifically in the 2020's pandemic scenarios. But, the rising pandemic is unable to tackle several transaction problems. But do not lose hope, because we are here.

Conducting transactions in America is a matter of minutes now! Ne2express is committed to transact your money in a few minutes as compared to everlasting traditional banking procedures.

This will eliminate the enormous amount of fee you are bound to pay to connect your loved ones! Your travel expenses and third parties transactional cost are eliminated forever.

With N2Xpress, offering the fastest transaction with just a single click, who wishes to go for an alternative?

Send more than money.