Linking Loans to Mobile Bill Payments

January 5, 2021

Mobile phones are one of the great inventions of the century, up there with the internet and vaccines as having universal impact. The journey from abacus to computer and from computer to smartphones, technology in every era has intensified the comfort level of individuals. The easy to carry smartphones are now one of the essential gadgets of daily life. BuildFire has reported 3.2 billion smartphone users all around the globe. Now, a life without smartphones will shatter personal and professional norms.

The use of mobile and smartphones has escalated during the pandemic rise of 2020. Online transactions, virtual meetings, and online payments are now rapidly being conducted at speeds never witnessed before in the entire history of technology. Apart from an individual's personal life, mobile phones play a vital role in every professional field, i.e., banking, transportation, business, etc. For smartphone users, mobile apps help them seamlessly enjoy all the services offered by one particular company. According to The Majority of Americans' Mobile Time Spent Takes Place in Apps, 88% of mobile usage time is devoted to mobile apps. Hence, banks have globally extended their services through mobile apps.

Mobile banking has revolutionized the speed and effectiveness of banking

Over the years, mobile banking kept on bestowing incredible tools and services. Mobile bill payments are one of the more popular innovations spurred by the advent of mobile banking. Customers can now pay their bills anytime and anywhere, and at their convenience. Online bill pay has proven to be one of the most successful payment methods because of the rapid speed of delivery to the merchant of payments made. Mobile payment's Compound Annual Growth Rate is predicted to rise by  25%  between 2020 and 2028. Further, "Amazing Stats Demonstrating The Unstoppable Rise of Mobile Payments Globally" has predicted 1.32 billion users of mobile bill payments, leading up to a 3000% Compound Annual Growth Rate in users. This massive increase in mobile bill payments highlights mobile and smartphones' importance in the coming years. Furthermore, banks are infusing loan payments within their bill pay platforms to allow their customers the convenience of enjoying digital mobile loans at home. Loan payments, just like mobile bill payments, are now easy to receive and pay with only one click.

The pandemic has accelerated an intense financial crisis. Covid-19 has resulted in massive losses to home equity and wealth. A myriad of individuals and families are suffering severe economic challenges and we anticipate that personal and emergency loans will be on the rise to help households with income challenges. People, students, and businesses are looking for financial solutions to getting home loans delivered to their doorstep. What if the key to your financial solutions is in front of you? Yes! Now, you can apply for loans right from your mobile phone anytime from any corner of the globe. Loans disbursement and repayments are now bundled with mobile bill payments apps all to ensure that one stop financial shopping is at your fingertips. 

N2xpress is committed to providing you a slate of critical financial services while saving time and easing your struggles with hard to navigate technology. Now, with your mobile bill payments, you can pay for loans in many territories overseas. N2xpress believes in building good relationships with the customer while prioritizing their comfort in a safe and protective digital environment

Instant transmission

Mobile banking all around the globe is diligently working hard to optimize your finances in unique ways. Worldwide bankers are keen to provide you instant guidelines while minimizing stressful interactions with your bank. Sharing KYC data about consumers across trusted intermediaries is a recent innovation to enable seamless disbursement and payment of loans digitally. If the customer is already registered with a trusted company like a utility company, your bank can use that data in the registration process, saving the loan applicant a great deal of time. Once the customer's loan is confirmed, the loan is instantly transferred to your mobile wallet or designated bank account. Unlike traditional loans, these mobile banking apps are ready to replace the undue delays in loan processing time.  

Manage your digital money right away

The customers are free to arrange their digital money and can easily prioritize the daily usage of their money to enhance their saving pattern.

Accessible to every citizen: minimal criteria

Traditional loans were granted once the customer fulfilled the required criteria. With small ticket size loans, cash flow, credit history, work experience, and minimal financial statements might not be required when issued via mobile banking. Mobile loans are accessible to every individual customer, with less prejudice to their present economic standard. Linking loans to mobile payments has revolutionized digital loans while opening the gates for each community and individual.

The end of monotonous paperwork

Traditional loans provide a long list of requirements to be submitted for approving a loan application. Residential proof, identity proof, driving license, employer card, household bills, and salary slip, and many more are enlisted in the mandatory requirements for applying for a loan. This requires diligent efforts and maybe months of extra time to put together the required profile. The customer for traditional loan pre-plans for months and waits for the right time. How about replacing these laborious efforts with a smart solution?

N2xpress does not demand detailed financial proofs for granting mobile bill payment services. We offer you a smart solution for your industry and keep the paperwork to what is required to vet you and not just for collecting paper for paperworks sake.

Send more than money.