N2Xpress teams up with Paykii to provide global bill payments

November 2, 2020
CANADA, 2 NOVEMBER 2020 – N2Xpress announces its global partnership with Paykii, operator of one of the largest sets of payment rails for global bill payments in over 20 countries. Customers are now able to pay water, gas, electricity, internet, and mobile airtime billers for friends and family overseas using the N2Xpress platform.

N2Xpress is changing the way money transfers work, creating a better experience for everyone around the world. The goal is to make money transfers more meaningful for people living in between countries, so they can save more and do more.

Founder of N2Xpress Kunbi Oguneye said: “We are looking closely at what people really want and need, and then building out the right services that add real value. Teaming up with Paykii allows us to do just that. Our customers now have a way to do more with money transfers such as paying for their loved ones’ daily expenses and necessities in particular for utility bills directly from abroad.”

The partnership greatly enriches what people are able to do with digital money transfers, which has seen a significant surge in demand during citywide lockdowns in response to COVID-19. Ultimately, a large portion of money sent as remittances is used for paying monthly household expenses and N2Xpress is making that easier and simpler for both senders and receivers.

Co-Founder/COO of Paykii, Nelson Irizarry said: “We have been working closely with N2Xpress to deliver a service that takes the shift towards digital money transfers to the next level. Complementing their core business, we are keen to join forces and help N2Xpress reach more people and deliver an even better experience.”

“We are enthusiastic about partnering with N2Xpress to help individuals better manage their global financial health by directly paying bills for their loved ones or for themselves in their home country to give them “Peace of Mind”. It is simple and easy for N2Xpress users, in most cases they only need an account number or telephone number to pay the bill.”

N2Xpress primarily serves Canada as a sending country, with plans to add other markets such as the US and EU in 2020.

About Paykii

Paykii offers financial service providers access to the world’s largest global bill payment hub through a Platform-as-a-Service model. Simply put, Paykii has built a unique set of rails for bill payment, whether domestic or cross-border, based on a single financial protocol that creates a unified bill payment experience across markets that is simple, easy, and fast. Today, Paykii offers bill payment services in over 25+ countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


About N2Xpress

N2Xpress is changing the way money transfers work, creating a better experience for everyone around the world. They specialise in sending money from Canada to the most popular markets including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and India with more to come. As a high technology player with strategic partnerships, they give people living in between countries the means to do more with money transfers and stay connected in a meaningful way.

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