Pay overseas bills with N2Xpress - a new way to send money

January 5, 2021
N2Xpress comes among the best-known pay overseas bill service providers with $0 transfer fees, along with being fast and secure

People can have all sorts of overseas financial commitments they include, property management payments, tuition fees, utility bills, etc. Making international payments can be expensive, but sending money abroad with N2Xpress is fast, easy and secure.

And now there is a new way of sending money abroad, with cross border bill payments using N2Xpress. Whether you need to take care of your own bills back home, or simply want to help out loved ones abroad, you can pay for a range of bills directly from overseas using the N2Xpress platform.

For our December promotion, we are waiving all fees for overseas bill payments. Use N2Xpress today to pay for bills at $0 Fees.

How can I pay bills overseas?

Online payments have reduced the need for writing cheques, and more affordable online options for money transfer are disrupting and making obsolete some older methods.

To help your family pay for bills overseas, you could still send a secure international cheque. But then you need to pay a fee and wait for the cheque to arrive and then clear. Doing a wire transfer is no longer the most convenient or affordable option either. With a bank, you will typically pay heavy fees (in some markets it can be up to 1% of the wire value) and receive an exchange rate from 2% to 5% or above the mid-market rate.

An independent money transfer service provider specializes in one thing: moving your money safely from one country to another country. This singular focus helps create more advantages than using the above mentioned methods, such as stronger exchange rates and better transfer fees than a bank.

N2Xpress is among the best-known bill pay service providers with promotional offers of $0 fees for fast and secure payments.

Let's have a look at a few reasons why people send money overseas.

Reasons to transfer money overseas

Your need to send money overseas includes

  • Rent

Whether you want to pay rent when you are on vacation or want to maintain a roof over the head of a relative, you might need to send money overseas.

  • Mortgage

Your liabilities stay as it is whether you are physically available at a place or not. You can pay your mortgage obligation through overseas bill pay and take care of domestic payments instantly.

  • Utilities

Even when you are away, the bills for gas, water and electricity keep coming.

  • Family ties

Sending money and supporting loved ones is important. Lots of us are helping our loved ones abroad and funding basic necessities back home.

  • Paying business needs

If you employ people for your business overseas you need to make international payments regularly to meet payroll and other employee related benefits..

How can I compare overseas money transfer providers?

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Choose the right one, as so many companies are competing for your business. Before handing over your hard-earned money, compare the following factors


  • Exchange rates

Compare the rate offered to the mid-market rate as nearly all providers skew exchange rates. Look for the smallest margin between rates.

  • Transfer fees

Compare and find out whether the provider charges a flat fee or a percentage of your transfer. If you are transferring a large amount, ask if you qualify for a free or flat transfer fee.

  • Transfer limits

Your transfer might depend on how much you want to send. For large transfers, check the exchange rate, particularly when transfer providers encourage large amounts at low fees.

  • Payment and delivery methods

Some money transfer allows you to pay through credit card online or by phone. Also, check how your recipient will receive money.

  • Hedging options

Confirm whether you can schedule payment ahead of time or protect your transfer against market fluctuations.

  • Currencies

Check whether your international bill payment service provider serves a particular country and deals in all currencies.

  • Transfer speed

Compare how fast your transfer can be processed. This may differ per country and currency.

  • Customer care

Make sure help will be available when you need it. Assistance and guidance is an important trust factor.

When you are comparing fees, always check for companies with the most advantageous exchange rates with high fees.

Learn the pros and cons of paying the overseas bill with an international money transfer


  • Easy 

 It is easy as you can send overseas with a few clicks. All it needs is your basic information.

  • Convenient 

Transfer money from the comfort of your home and through smartphone anywhere.

  •  Stay current with your bill payments. 

Whether you are on vacation or living abroad, stay on top of your finances with instant money transfer like N2Xpress.


  • The only disadvantage of this service is the fees applied. Sometimes it is annoying to track transfer fees and keep records of bill payments.

A simple way to pay overseas bills

N2Xpress gives you the best experience while sending money overseas to your loved ones and meeting their needs.

Easier, faster and secure, N2Xpress is your trusted partner to send money abroad. While living abroad, the easiest and safest way to manage your bills is by choosing an online money transfer service. You can set up bill payments in advance. Schedule recurring transfers and stay on top of your bill payments.

Check our interactive currency calculator to know the updated rates, transfer fees, and other details to make bill payment overseas. Send favours, gifts and gestures to your loved ones instantly using N2Xpress and enjoy our promotion of $0 fee on pay bills. Making the payment is a breeze with N2Xpress.

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