Reasons to send money from Canada to Nigeria with N2Xpress

January 5, 2021

Canada is a significant source remittances to developing countries. A diverse slate of migrants reside in Canada and send a steady stream of Canadian dollars back home. Nigerians, in 2019, occupied the 4th position on the list of citizens who were granted Canadian permanent residency with around 12,600 Nigerians. Further, the population of Nigerian immigrants in Canada is predicted to rise to a total of  284, 390 by the end of 2020.

With these rising numbers, digital transactions from that migrant pool and the general population alike have witnessed robust growth. Canada’s digital transactional users in 2020 are estimated at around 0.4m which is projected to rise to approximately 0.7m in 2024. The value of digital remittances is forecasted to reach US$1,374m at the end of 2020 and US$2,108m in 2024.

In addition to all this, N2Xpress a leading Canadian fintech is stepping forward for the Nigerian immigrants to help them conduct their cross border transactions within a few minutes!  N2Xpress’ vast, incredible services are listed below. Just to give you an idea of what you will get by using the platform.

Extremely low service fees

The Covid pandemic of 2020 has done severe damage to the world’s economy. Developed countries have seen GBP contractions between 2-10%, with developing countries seeing a significant minority of their populations slide towards poverty. Ultimately, to combat these acute crises fintechs, and other financial institutions were forced to raise their service fees to consumers.

At first glance this one might think that you cannot send money to your loved ones with such an extreme service fee hike. N2Xpress works for you and your family’s prosperity. We allow you to send your money with a low tax. With these low service taxes, you can transfer the money anytime and anywhere.

Secured by high technicians

Risking your money by sending it through unreliable and unverifiable third parties is not a good idea. The risk of theft to your funds is significantly higher than if you used a trusted and verified transfer service.

We fully understand the laborious efforts you made to earn your money, why hand over your money to unauthentic parties when N2Xpress provides you with highly secure transactional routes. Your money transmission is passed through secure and encrypted digital transmission routes, with each transaction monitored 24 hours to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

With N2Xpress, you can send your money without fear or worry because security of your funds is our priority.

Fast services

Despite Nigeria being 10,650 km apart from Canada. One expects that in the 21st Century digitizing of transactions should allow transfers between both countries to traverse this distance at the speed of thought, but this does not appear to be the case, with traditional banking procedures for wire transfers still taking up to 5 business days to get between both countries. This unduly long delay in sending via bank wire, means that your loved ones can be kept waiting on cash for ages

Let’s not forget that you have a solution to this challenge with N2Xpress. With N2Xpress, you can instantly conduct a transaction right from your home. And your loved ones can get them in less than 15 minutes.

Easy to use

Bank transactions can require onerous and tedious registration processes, with a requirement that you constantly produce innumerable documents. In some extreme cases you have to go through this registration tedium each time you perform a transaction. Procedures and procedure to conduct, but what about the money you went to transact? It’s tied up in paperwork hell.

All these procedures turn out to demotivate you. As a result, you're inclined to give up. How about eliminating all these procedures and inaugurating the idea of a single click?

N2Xpress allows its Canadian customers to send money directly through their N2Xpress virtual wallet. Log in whenever you want and transact wherever you want.

24 hours service

With a conventional bank over the counter transfer, you may have to pre-plan your day, weeks before deciding a particular day for conducting the transaction. This is more the case with Covid rules for social distancing whereby you need an appointment before you can step into your local branch. There are no same day appointments.  

Life can spring nasty surprises. You might be stuck in traffic, or be impeded by an unforeseen event, and you get to the bank only to find out that the bank was closed two hours before. Sadly, your whole day is now for naught. Pre-plan another day and reset your routine, and this pantomime goes on for days or even weeks, and you still just can’t get to the bank in time. You can never expect a bank to physically be open for 24 hours to let you perform transactions. To overcome this obstacle, N2Xpress allows you to transact at any minute of the day. All our services are right in the palm of your hand, from where you can transact money from any corner of the country.

Support multiple currencies

To give you as much choice as possible, N2Xpress not only allows you conduct Nigerian transactions but along with that you can hit several other countries with different currencies.

With one single platform, you can hit numerous other countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, & Latin America, no need to patronize multiple money transfer sites, N2Xpress has all the major currencies available for sending.

N2Xpress accepts multiple currencies, and with the collaboration of international banking, it converts them as per requirements.

At N2Xpress they have worked assiduously to remove all the stumbling blocks in Canadian transactions. Domestic customers can send money without mountainous amounts of effort, and their beneficiaries in Nigeria can receive money promptly in minutes.

Send more than money.