Send money to Ghana: Best remittance service

November 25, 2020
N2Xpress is an online money transfer platform which allows users to directly send money from Canada to Ghana instantly. Our mission is to save you money so you can do a lot more.

Ghana is the land of beautiful landscapes and home to exotic wildlife and bustling cities. The rapidly growing economy is supperted by the $2bn sent by Ghanaians living abroad to their loved ones every year. As per counts in the UK, Brazil and the USA there are hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians. Send money to Ghana through a trustworthy and economical source. Obviously people are looking for cheap, reliable and fast money transfer methods to make sure their money reaches its destination quickly and safely. In Sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana acquires first position as the largest remittance recipient. Are you searching for the way or money transfer service through which you can remit money effortless? If yes, then you should use N2Xpress money transfers for the best service. 

How can I send money to Ghana?

Thanks to huge technological advancement in recent years, people now can meet the needs of their loved ones sitting overseas. A few years ago, sending money abroad was a catch-22. It involved visiting a high street bank, remittance outlet or post office or wiring money overseas with the help of a cashier.

N2Xpress is an online money transfer platform which allows users to directly send money from Canada to Ghana instantly. We are a trusted source and we send your money safely to different countries. Our mission is to save your money so you can do a lot more with money. We believe in giving people fast, hassle-free and affordable money transfers.

Cost involved in money transfer to Ghana

With N2Xpress, send money directly to a recipient's account at lowest transaction cost. So if you want to send money to Ghana from Canada, whether the transfer amount is $100 CAD or $1000 CAD, our low transparent fees and excellent competitive rates make N2Xpress the cheapest option among all others.

Competitive exchange rates - transfer more money to recipients 

N2Xpress uses a competitive exchange rate to make sure your recipient receives more of your money. Before you confirm the transfer, we will let you know exactly how much your loved one's will receive in Ghana.

Check our currency conversion tool on the homepage, it will tell you exactly how much the recipient will receive in Ghana.

Money transfer facts of Ghana

As per reports from the World Bank, in 2017 Ghana became the largest overseas remittance recipient with a $2.2bn remittance in sub- Saharan Africa. But if we look at the share of remittances and its impact on GDP, then we have different ranks. As per estimation by the World Bank in 2018, Ghana received personal paymentsof USD 3,802,876.35 in total.

Why do expats send their money to Ghana?

Expats send money to their homes to meet basic needs. The reason can be medical expenses, household consumption, education, savings, investments, festivities and celebrations. Loved ones can use funds to meet necessary chores, and if you use N2Xpress to transfer funds, then we assure you get peace of mind.

Different online money transfer services

There are various services to send money to Ghana. Some services are fast but they do not give the highest exchange rates and if exchange rates are high, then some claim the lowest fee. Another method through which you can send money to Ghana is through bank transfer. N2Xpress money transfer claims to provide you with the highest exchange rate with lowest fee.

Send money to Ghana instantly 

The question to worry is how much time it will take to send money to Ghana? Well, transfers made using N2Xpress reaches recipient within a few minutes of being sent. It can take up to three days if the recipient's bank isn’t as quick as our payment transfer service.

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