What are the most important reasons for sending money home?

December 9, 2020

Paying a business isn’t the only reason why people transfer money overseas. In this increasingly globalized world, more and more people move overseas for better education and job prospects. This trend is fueling the increasing number of people searching for fast and efficient money transfer services.

But why do people really need to send money abroad?

People transfer money for numerous reasons. In this feature, we have put together the prime reasons people transfer their money abroad.

Support Family and Friends 

In recent times, it’s becoming commonplace for us to know of at least one friend or family member who has moved to a foreign country. While airfares have gotten reasonable, it is still a pretty expensive venture to visit them as frequently as we would like. But whether as a gift or a sign of support, sending money to them on a regular or occasional basis is a great way to let them know you're thinking about them. 

With this motive in mind, supporting loved ones is the top reason why many people search for easy methods to send money abroad. International money transfers are valuable for people who have their loved ones abroad and need to regularly send over funds. 

Buying Property Overseas

There are large sums of money needed to buy property abroad, so people want to ensure fees and exchange rates don't impact the transaction by searching for the best deal. Buying a holiday home is a popular reason. For those who enjoy going to the same place during holidays or vacations, having a home away from home is a great way to turn a potentially good trip into a winner every time. 

Paying Bills and Tuition Fees

The majority of the migrants move to foreign lands for education and employment.For younger adults heading overseas, it can be challenging for them to afford the fees themselves, even if they've been working. Before a person finds their footing in their new land, things like tuition fees or utility expenses become a major concern as they need to be paid on time. 

Setting up regular cross-country money transfers and being rightfully aware of the exchange rate can take the stress out of managing them to ensure they're paid on time. N2Xpress offers an efficient way to send money to your loved ones and can take the weight off their shoulders if they're worried about how they'd afford the livelihood in the foreign land.

Pension Transfers

The people who live and work overseas are more than likely to find the need to send money home every now and again. Especially those who are paid a pension but live or take extended holidays abroad need immediate money transfers to get access to their funds while they're away. 

Moving Overseas

Those who have decided to permanently relocate abroad want to bring their money with them. Those who have had property and assets in their home country and sold it are looking to get the funds in the form of liquid assets. Money transfer services are their best resource to make it happen.


More and more people from developing countries are seeking and finding opportunities to live and work overseas. They frequently need to send money back home to support their families. Platforms like N2Xpress offer quick and reliable money transfers to move salary payments where they need to and whenever they want to. 

Purchasing or Selling Big-ticket Assets

Again when buying or selling high-value assets like cars, houses, etc., abroad, you'll be dealing with relatively large sums of money. In such cases, people want to ensure that they get the best exchange rate while transferring the funds to pay or receive into another currency. 

Also, foreign subsidiaries of corporates,need to find the best way to transfer money into home office accounts. Conventional methods such as using SWIFT for wires, can incur hefty fees. N2Xpress can help you save both time and money when making international money transfers.

Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding abroad could very well involve dealing with a myriad of vendors for services needed to make the big day memorable. Destination weddings can run into thousands of dollars, but as with all things in life people have to work to a tight budget. You'll have to pay for things like musicians, caterers, venues, and much more. Therefore allocating the payments will be sporadic and for varying amounts. It is crucial to find the best way to transfer the funds with the lowest fees and fastest speed. 

Easily Transfer Money Abroad Through N2Xpress

An international money transfer aids you in sending money abroad. When doing a cross-border financial transfer, many times, the lump sum may seem to be diminished by the service fee and the exchange rate. Be cautious of such companies that claim to offer fee-free transfers as they often dampen the exchange rate to make profits. While the actual cost of the transfer is often hidden.

N2Xpress reduces these fees and offers accurate exchange rates to save you money while providing a fast, safe, and secure way of sending money and paying bills.

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