Designing your remittance mobile app: listen to your customer

January 5, 2021
Listen to your customers when designing your mobile remittance app—points to keep in mind for app success.

In recent days, we can clearly observe a significant increase in the popularity of mobile remittance app, P2P electronic money transfer performed non-cash from one bank to another overseas using card or e-wallet. Having a mobile remittance app is the need of an hour, as people are more interested in instant transfer without the hassle of going to banks. 

We are moving fast in the universe of cashless, card-free, order-in-one-click and pay-contactless technologies. Mobile remittance app and the cashless trend has accelerated and optimized everything from basic to meeting needs. Just a few taps and your transfer is successful. Wow, this is an amazing feeling! Ain't it? Soon we will witness a completely bankless world.

Let's learn things to consider while developing a mobile remittance app and why it is important to listen to your customers. 

Modern payment experience comes up with two thoughts- speed and invisibility. Well, this is no doubt great in certain circumstances such as quick payment at the time of emergency, and also a customer craves transparency and control in online remittance experience. Global remittance demand speed and a clear understanding of each element of payment and delivery process. 

Transparency allows the customer to experience trust for their hard-earned money. While transferring through intermediary customers consider many criteria. A survey shows overseas remittances are often driven by emotional and personal motivation, and we cannot treat it like a normal transaction. 

 For both sender and receiver, money transfer abroad carries a deep emotional significance. Especially it plays an important role for expats and immigrants who move abroad for a better and stable financial future. Online money transfer to loved one's back home carries a degree of responsibility and importance as compared to normal transfers. Thus customers have certain criteria and mindset for online money transfer, and thus they look for target specific things in the app or platform they choose for remittance.

List of elements which a customer thinks is an essential part of a mobile remittance app.

mobile remittance app- listen your customer- N2Xpress

  • Security 

Customers always prefer secure payment gateways. Safe transaction and data security should be topmost priority. 

  • Transparency

When a customer is transacting, he/she will always opt a transparent transaction. Apps or companies providing transparency in transactions will get more ratings from customers.

  • Transaction history 

It is a crucial feature. To make customer's life hassle-free, make sure you integrate transaction history features in your app to ensure smooth transaction service. The pandemic situation calls for easy access to everything from the comfort of home and just at one click. 

  • Mobile wallets

Make money remittance simpler for customers through mobile wallets. Now paying small expenses through a wallet can work wonders for your business and customer at the time of emergency.

  • Pay bills

This service helps customers pay bills by sitting abroad and meet the needs of their loved ones without the hassle of bank ques.

  • Balance enquiry

 This feature keeps customers updated about his/her finances. They can check wallet balance through this feature.

  • Beneficiary list

Think about growing your business through an increasing number of users. Make this happen by facilitating features to add beneficiaries for quick transactions and payments.

  • Authorize bank account

Ensure ease of transaction through bank account authorization. It is very important to authorize a bank account for the safety of customers and your business.

  • Push notification

Customers want themselves updated. Notifications keep customers updated instantly. 

  • Back-up feature

Secure every data stored in the application through a back-up feature. For this feature security encrypted file is prepared to keep all data safe and secure.

  • Offer reminder

Keep your customers updated about all the offers and remind them timely, so they don't miss out.

  • Invite friends

Through this feature, encourage your customers to invite their friends and family and increase your users. Give good discounts which they can save in their wallet.

  • Currency exchange calculator 

It is one of the most important features as through currency exchange calculator customers can check the updated exchange rate and can make a transfer on profitable rate

  • Currency comparison calculator

Through this customer can compare rates with another and can opt for the right platform to transfer. Transfer anywhere is made easy and convenient through mobile remittance apps.

Every successful business needs a reliable technology which meets the needs of its customers. Thus customer research before app development is very crucial. It is the secret behind successful mobile app development in the market how it makes itself killing. Things you should focus on are:

  • Who will download your mobile remittance app?
  • Who are your ideal customer personas?
  • What do they expect?

Once you reach the answers to these questions, you will understand your customers better. This will help you map out the profile of your ideal customers along with their preferences, market size, taste, feature design, innovation etc. which you can include in your mobile app. 

Here is the list of reasons which encourage you to do customer research before building a mobile remittance app.

  • It helps you to give the best user experience to your customers.
  • Help you develop an app which is user friendly, fun and easy to use.
  • Research and customer insights help you choose the best mobile platform
  • Generate great ROI by understanding the need for good customer research and UX design. 

As a good businessman, consider these things before building a mobile remittance app to attain app success.

Benefits of listening to your customers

mobile remittance app- listen your customer-benefits- N2Xpress

  • Improves customer retention
  • Mouth publicity 
  • Increases customer spendings
  • Create brand awareness

Wrapping up

It is very important to listen to your customers as it can make or break your mobile app. Thus make sure you spend enough time and budget on customer research and work keeping in mind customers' needs.

There is a story behind every remittance. Businesses that make an effort to meet the needs of their customers come one step closer to make space in the market. Meet the unique needs both now and in future and come one step closer to remit world-class remittance payment experience to your customers.

N2Xpress works best through web applications, and you can avail the same services through our website. If you are looking to transfer money instantly at the ease of fingertips, then sign up now to create a free account.

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